Final Exam Schedule Fall

Exam Period F1:   Friday, May 11 at 8:30 AM
Course Key Exam Location
BIO-245-00 trumbower 149
BIO-335-00 shankweiler 135S
CHM-420-00 trumbower 347
COM-370-00 ettinger 201
COM-483-00 shankweiler 234S
CSI-109-00 Trumbower 048
DNC-265-00 trexler pavilion upper level studio
DNC-388-00 brown hall dance studio
EDU-285-00 moyer 214
ENG-295-00 moyer 301
ENG-318-00 ettinger 210
FIN-237-01 shankweiler 440S
FIN-237-02 shankweiler 440S
FIN-490-00 ettinger 107
GRM-204-00 ettinger 203
ITL-102-01 trumbower 130
ITL-102-02 trumbower 130
ITL-102-03 trumbower 130
NSC-306-00 shankweiler 340S
PHL-336-00 moyer 302
PHY-329-00 trumbower 140
PSC-430-00 ettinger 108
PSY-103-01 moyer forum
PSY-103-02 moyer forum
PSY-103-90 moyer forum
SPN-102-03 moyer 101
SPN-203-01 moyer 109
SPN-203-02 ettinger 205
SPN-203-03 moyer 109
SPN-203-04 moyer 104
SPN-203-05 moyer 104
SPN-204-01 ettinger 202
SPN-204-02 ettinger 202
THR-167-02 trexler pavilion costume shop
THR-361-00 center for the arts 149
THR-372-00 rehearsal house 201

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