Final Exam Schedule Fall

Exam Period M2:   Monday, May 7 at Noon
Course Key Exam Location
ARS-111-00 center for the arts 184
ATH-112-01 shankweiler 440S
ATH-112-02 shankweiler 440S
BIO-250-00 trumbower 149
BUS-239-03 ettinger 202
BUS-365-02 moyer 201
BUS-382-00 ettinger 105
DNC-275-00 shankweiler 138S
ECN-101-04 ettinger 107
ECN-287-01 moyer 314
ENG-180-00 center for the arts 166
ENG-301-00 hillel 105
MTH-116-00 trumbower 140
MTH-332-00 shankweiler 234S
PHL-241-00 moyer 106
PSC-103-00 ettinger 214
PSY-212-00 moyer 209
REL-210-00 moyer 214
REL-357-00 moyer 104
SOC-312-00 sociology/anthropology 25
SPN-419-00 ettinger 212
THR-100-03 hillel 106
THR-166-01 trexler pavilion scene shop
THR-167-01 trexler pavilion costume shop
THR-450-02 trexler pavilion upper level studio
THR-460-00 center for the arts 149

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