Final Exam Schedule Fall

Exam Period M4:   Monday, May 7 at 7:00 PM
Course Key Exam Location
ARS-107-80 center for the arts 98
BIO-201-00 shankweiler 138S
BIO-201-90 shankweiler 138S
BUS-226-01 ettinger 202
BUS-226-90 ettinger 202
COM-361-00 walson 115
EDU-334-00 moyer 314
ENG-115-80 center for the arts 149
FIN-367-80 ettinger 107
FYS-162-80 center for the arts 264
HST-219-80 ettinger 108
HST-345-80 ettinger 213
MTH-119-80 shankweiler 234S
PSC-221-00 ettinger 214
PSC-221-90 ettinger 214

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