Final Exam Schedule Fall

Exam Period R2:   Thursday, May 10 at 12:00 Noon
Course Key Exam Location
BUS-236-02 ettinger 105
BUS-236-03 ettinger 204
BUS-341-02 ettinger 108
COM-251-01 walson 115
DNC-201-00 trumbower 140
DNC-350-00 trexler pavilion upper level studio
ECN-101-01 ettinger 107
ECN-101-02 shankweiler 440S
ECN-101-03 shankweiler 440S
EDU-106-00 moyer 314
ENG-227-00 center for the arts 264
MUS-221-00 center for the arts 155
PHY-450-00 trumbower 8
PSC-101-01 ettinger 201
SOC-313-00 hillel 105
THR-100-02 moyer 109
THR-150-00 center for the arts 226
THR-161-00 center for the arts 149
THR-373-02 trexler pavilion rehearsal hall

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