Final Exam Schedule Fall

Exam Period T3:   Tuesday, May 8 at 3:30 PM
Course Key Exam Location
ACT-323-00 ettinger 211
ATH-282-00 sociology/anthropology 25
BIO-118-00 trumbower 348
BUS-236-04 ettinger 108
BUS-260-00 ettinger 107
CSI-240-00 Trumbower 048
DNC-150-00 brown hall dance studio
ECN-102-02 shankweiler 440S
ECN-102-03 shankweiler 440S
ENG-278-00 center for the arts 149
ENG-284-00 trexler library B-06
FIN-365-00 ettinger 201
HST-307-00 ettinger 204
PHL-223-00 moyer 214
PSY-230-00 moyer 209
PSY-240-00 moyer 104
SPN-101-00 shankweiler 340S
SPN-202-00 moyer 101
SPN-484-00 ettinger 213
THR-163-00 center for the arts 264
THR-251-01 trexler pavilion rehearsal hall
THR-251-03 trexler pavilion rehearsal hall

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