Final Exam Schedule Fall

Exam Period W3:   Wednesday, May 9 at 3:30 PM
Course Key Exam Location
ACT-101-02 ettinger 211
ARS-120-02 center for the arts 190
BCM-441-00 shankweiler 340S
BIO-405-00 shankweiler 135S
BUS-239-02 ettinger 108
CHM-114-00 trumbower 348
COM-201-01 moyer 109
COM-201-02 shankweiler 440S
COM-201-03 shankweiler 440S
COM-201-04 moyer 109
CSI-326-00 Trumbower 048
DNC-170-00 taylor 8
ENG-275-00 trexler library B-06
INE-201-00 hillside house 101
LLC-211-00 ettinger 204
MTH-122-01 trumbower 347
MTH-122-02 trumbower 347
MUS-219-00 center for the arts 155
PSC-215-00 moyer 8
PSC-340-00 ettinger 201
PSY-104-01 moyer 26
SOC-101-03 hillel 106
SPN-304-02 ettinger 210
THR-287-00 center for the arts 149
THR-350-02 center for the arts 226

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