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It is the mission of Muhlenberg College to develop students who will achieve responsible independence, display full respect for the freedom and diversity which characterize human beings, and be guided in their thought and action by the finest teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition, enhanced by a growing awareness and understanding of other cultures. The goal of the Muhlenberg College curriculum, as expressed through such diverse means as classroom experiences, seminars, internships, independent studies, honors programs, and study abroad, is to develop students who are not only thoroughly grounded in specific fields of knowledge but who have the capacity to question critically established data, assumptions, and institutional procedures, and who understand that liberal learning creatively synthesizes facts, values, and moral judgments.

    In pursuit of this mission, Muhlenberg College seeks to demonstrate through its curricular and extracurricular activities that there is a necessary harmony between the striving for intellectual excellence and the values of a caring community, and that liberal learning, education for service and leadership, and training for a career are complementary goals. In addition, the curricular emphasis which manifests a healthy tension between the liberal arts and professional studies is a creative force which sets Muhlenberg apart. Furthermore, its students will continue to achieve the highest academic levels by pursuing the best in the liberal arts and sciences while they prepare for professional and graduate studies. Its curricular philosophy rejects all forms of closure of thought and recognizes the need for learning to remain open to reflection, to the past and to the future, to several modes of knowing and expressing, and to the movements and events of practical life itself. Accordingly, the College will continue to strive to have a pluralistic student body and faculty united in the common effort to understand human beings, their creations, and their place in the natural world in a truly integrated way.

   In the mutual pursuit of this mission, students, faculty, administration and board members will give witness to the humane fruits of education by interacting and working together with reason, courtesy, and respect for one another. In a changing world, Muhlenberg College remains firmly committed to the belief that a liberal arts education is both the most humanly satisfying and the most pragmatically viable.