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Rev. 10/20/07
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Muhlenberg College aims to develop independent critical thinkers who are intellectually agile, characterized by a zest for reasoned and civil debate, knowledgeable about the achievements and traditions of diverse civilizations and cultures, able to express ideas with clarity and grace, committed to life-long learning, equipped with ethical and civic values, and prepared for lives of leadership and service.  The College is committed to providing an intellectually rigorous undergraduate education within the context of a supportive, diverse residential community.  The members of our community are also committed to educating the whole person through experiences within and beyond the classroom.  Our curriculum integrates the traditional liberal arts with selected pre-professional studies.  Our faculty are passionate about teaching, value close relationships with students, and are committed to the pedagogical and intellectual importance of research.  Honoring its historical heritage from the Lutheran Church and its continuing connection with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Muhlenberg encourages, welcomes and celebrates a variety of faith traditions and spiritual perspectives.