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Current Mission Statement

Proposed Statement of Mission

Preamble to the Bylaws of the College

Overview of Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Principles

Fundamental Institutional Values

Internal Assumptions and External Challenges


Muhlenberg College Strategic Planning Goals

Timetable for Strategic Planning

Reports of the President's Planning Group

Operational Areas: Summaries of Benchmark Studies and SWOT Analyses

A Draft of Proposed Strategic Initiatives

Financing the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan





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July 30-31, 2003 President's Staff retreat to discuss strategic planning principles
August 29, 2003  Faculty approval of procedures for electing divisional representatives to the PPG
September 5, 2003 Draft planning process proposal shared with Trustees, President’s Staff, etc. for feedback.
September 9, 2003 President’s staff begins reviewing issues and preparing research materials in support of the process; continues to meet through the academic year and summer.
September 15, 2003 Faculty, student, and staff representatives chosen.
September 23, 2003 PPG begins its work; meets approximately bi-weekly through October, 2004 (less frequently during summer 2004)
October 17-18, 2003 Board of Trustees – Committee of the Whole Meeting to discuss initial issues and review budget model and underlying assumptions
January 9-10, 2004 Board of Trustees Retreat in Philadelphia. Committee of the Whole Meeting to discuss initial outline of the plan and PPG work to date. Appropriate committees to review specific plan initiatives
February 2, 2004 Campus forum to discuss planning progress to date
February - April, 2004 Alumni and Parent forums to discuss planning progress to date
April 22 - 23, 2004 Board of Trustees – Committee of the Whole to discuss most current draft of strategic plan
May - June, 2004 Review budget model base case assumptions; begin
setting priorities
July - September, 2004 First draft of strategic plan; campus forum to
discuss draft
October, 2004 Board of Trustees - Discusses draft strategic plan
January, 2005 Board of Trustees - Final draft of plan presented for
February - April, 2005 Develop assessment tools; begin developing fund
raising plan

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