Did you miss the program you wanted to see? Want to find out more about what MCTV has put on the air recently? Then you have come to the right place. This page will keep you informed of recent programs as well as shows that have aired in the past. See what the program was like, read a little bit about how the whole production came together and view various photos. Make sure to check back here often as this page will be updated when shows are produced and aired.

     Last semester MCTV aired many shows both entertaining and informative. We aired two episodes of "MCTV News," which was a great success. "Muhlenberg Tonight" continued with two more episodes and student programs such as "Write Now!" made their MCTV debut. Student produced films were also aired and advertised on channel 21 as well. This semester "MCTV News" continues and expect to see brand new programming such as "Breaking the News" and "Campus Event Spotlight." And of course don't forget to look for yourself on TV in events such as Mr. Muhlenberg or the Henry's.




Breaking the News

Campus Event Spotlight

Muhlenberg Tonight

Muhlenberg College Football

Muhlenberg College Basketball

Mr. Muhlenberg

The Henry Awards