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Abies fraseri

Common Name: Fraser Fir, Southern Balsam Fir, or  Southern Fir

Family: Pinaceae 

Collection Number: 
Entry Author:  C. Westring
Description:  An evergreen with an open, symmetrical, pyramidal to spire-shaped crown
1.2-2.5 cm X 1.5-2 mm; flexible, flattened; odor is turpentine-like; upper surface is a dark lustrous green, sometimes slightly glaucous
 Cylindrical; 3.5-6 cm X 2.5-4 cm; immature cones are dark purple overlaid with yellowish green bracts turning tan to medium brown with age; sessile; apex rounded
Grayish green, thin and smooth, with age developing appressed reddish brown scales that later turn gray
Branching Pattern:  Branches diverge from the trunk at right angles
Height:  25 meters tall
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest:  Prefers moist, well-drained loam; full sun is best
Range:   Appalachian Mountains in the southeastern United States
Zone:  4
Conservation Status-US/ World Wide:
Uses (Human):  .A favored Christmas tree

Gymnosperm Database, University of Bonn

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

UConn Plant Database




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