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Pinus attenuata

Common Name:  Knobcone Pine
Family: Pinaceae 

Collection Number:  116.
Entry Author: Jeff Chichester.
Description:  Straight trunk, conical crown.
Needles:  Four to five in. length in bundles of three.
Cones:  Four to six inches in length asymmetrical base. 
Bark:  Purple-brown to dark-brown.
Branching Pattern: Ascending slender shoots.
Height:  Up to forty ft.
Life Span:  Up to eighty years.
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest:  Typically found in woodlands at higher elevations.
Range:  Northern California to Southern Oregon, United States,  also found in Baja California, Mexico.
Ecological Interactions:  Western Gray Squirrel consume seeds,  Jays also eat from open cones.  Pinus attenuata is susceptible to contracting Pitch Cancer,  which is a fungus spread by insects that results in a form of resinous cankers located on trunk and branches. 

Dendrology at Virginia Tech.
University of Bonn.
USDA Forest Service
Pitch Canker Task Force




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