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Pinus koraiensis

Common Name: Korean Pine
Family: Pinaceae 

Collection Number:
Entry Author: Jeff Chichester
Description: The tree has a pyramidal shape when young, to a domed crown as tree matures.
Needles:  The needles are a blue/green color, and can grow up to 4.5 inches long.  The needles grow on branches in bundles of five.
Cones:  Conical shaped cones are light brown and grow up to six inches in length.
Bark:  Gray/brown colored bark flakes into regular sized and shaped pieces.
Branching Pattern:  Ascending spread pattern.
Height:  The Korean Pine can reach heights of up to 90 feet.
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest:  Korean Pine grows best in direct sunlight and in most types of well drained soils.
Range:  Korea, Japan, and Manchuria.
U.S.D.A. Hardiness Zone:  4
Conservation Status-US/ World Wide:  Low risk of becoming endangered.
Uses (Human): Ornamental


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