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Saxifraga pensylvanica

Common Name: Swamp Saxifrage
Family: Saxifragaceae

Entry Author:  C. Westring
Description:  A perennial herb with a thickened rootstock
Toothed or wavy-edged lanceolate leaves in a circular cluster that radiate from the center
Small (3 mm wide), star-shaped, five-petaled, greenish-white flowers that occur in stalked loose clusters along a hairy but leafless stem.
Found within a 2-beaked capsule
Stem:  Erect, arising from the middle of the cluster of basal leaves; hairy; bearing only flowers
Branching Pattern:
   Basal rosette
Height:  30-90 cm
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest:  Wet meadows, swamps, boggy thickets, and seeping banks.
Range:  Northeastern part of the United States
Conservation Status-US/ World Wide:  Endangered in Indiana and Kentucky; Threatened in Maine
Uses (Human):  Eaten raw or cooked; used in salads.  Used as a blood purifier and to treat kidney and gallbladder stones.


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