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Myosotis scorpioides

Common Name: Forget-me-nots
Family:  Boraginaceae

Entry Author: J. Rogers and C. Westring
Description: An invasive, colony forming perennial herb
3-8 cm long and 0.5-2 cm wide, lower leaves oblong lance-shaped, upper leaves oblong or oval.  Leaves alternate and slightly hairy.
Small prolific blue flowers (5-petaled) with a yellow center, tube shaped and abruptly flared at tip
  Seeds are contained within nutlets
Stem:  Calyx hairs pressed firmly against the stem
Branching Pattern:
  Sprawling vine-like ground cover; divergent branches that uncoil as flowers bloom; alternate arrangement of leaves
Height:  10-60 cm
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest: Stream banks and shores, swamps, wet depressions in forests.  Prefers a sunny position.
Range: Throughout USA and Canada
Conservation Status-US/ World Wide: Invasive
Uses (Human):  Used in the treatment of bronchitis and whooping cough


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This page was created by: J. Rogers, Northampton Community College, and K. Rice and C. Westring, Muhlenberg College
Last updated 12/21/05