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Gentiana crinita

Common Name of Genus: Fringed Gentian
Family: Gentianaceae

Entry Author: J. Rogers and C. Westring
Description:  A branched annual or biennial herb
Simple, lanceolate leaves waxy green color
 One single, blue, tubular flower for every stalk with four petals with lightly fringed edges.  The flowers open in the sun and close in the shade or dark. 
  A spindle-shaped capsule with a slender beak producing many seeds.  The seeds bear numerous tiny projections which make them easily dispersed by the wind.
Branching Pattern:   Straight upwardly sprouting stalk. Opposite arrangement of leaves 
Height:  30-90 cm
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest:  Wet thickets and meadows
Range: Much of Eastern US. west to Indian and Ohio from Maine to Georgia
Conservation Status-US/ World Wide:  No endangered or threatened status as of yet although it is becoming more rare. 
Uses (Human):  


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This page was created by: J. Rogers, Northampton Community College and C. Westring, Muhlenberg College
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