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Eleocharis sp.

Common Name of Genus: Spike Rush
Family: Cyperaceae

Description: This species can grow in thick mats due to the spreading of rhizomes. Some species of spike rush is found in just about all regions of the world and is very tolerant of wet soil and flooding.
The leaves are long sheaths found growing up from the base of the stems.
A single brown spear shaped flower head appears on the top of stems during the summer. 
 The seeds can be rounded on both sides or 3-angled.
Stem:  The stems are round, flattened or even angled in some sections. They are green in color.
Branching Pattern:
Height: Will usually grow no more than 6 inches long.
Conditions/Habitat/Kind of Forest: This species can be found growing in marshes, ditches, margins of ponds and it can even grow in water.
Known Wildlife Interactions: Major food source for birds such as waterfowl, turkey, quail along with small mammals.
ange: Found in most regions of the world.
Conservation Status-US/ World Wide: Not threatened in the U.S. or globally.
Uses (Human): None known


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