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Prunella vulgaris

Common Name of Species: Heal-all
Family: Lamiaceae

Entry Author:  C. Friedl, Muhlenberg College
Heal-all can be identified by its flower head, which is very small but vibrant violet in, color, hooded and fringed on the lower lip. 
Leaves are completely uniform.  Can be either lance or ovate shaped, and smooth or slightly toothed.  1-3 inches in length.
Flowers are hooded with a lower lip that is drooping and fringed. Approximately ˝ inch long.  Grow in small clusters.
Stems are sprawling with many subdivisions. 
6-12 inches, mostly sprawling.
Branching Pattern of Leaves: Leaves grow opposite to one another. 

Conditions/Habitat: Can be found growing low to the ground, sprawling across grass, gardens, fields and roadsides. 
Throughout North America 

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Last updated 11/10/05