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Flower and seed pod

Impatiens capensis

Common Name of Species: Spotted Touch-Me-Not
Family: Balsaminaceae

Entry Author:  C. Friedl, Muhlenberg College
Description:  Spotted touch-me-not are easily identified by their cornucopia shaped flower heads, which are a bright orange with rusty red colored spots.  Often grow in colonies.

Leaves are 1   - 3 long, are thin, ovate shaped, with a soft waxy texture.  Underside is distinctly paler than top.
1 inch long.  Calyx with 3 sepals, 1 sepal same color as petals and forming a sharply spurred sac, inch long, 2 sepals green; corolla with 5 petals each side pair united and appearing as a single petal. (Audubon)
Stems are translucent and succulent, exuding juices when broken.   
Branching Pattern:  
Leaves grow alternately on stem.
Height:  2-5 feet tall
Conditions/Habitat:  Shaded wetlands and woods.
Range:  Common across northeastern and north-central North America.

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