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Girl Scout tours are no longer available at Graver Arboretum.  :-(
Scout leaders may still use the PDF copy masters created by a Muhlenberg student intern to make log books for their Brownie groups to use at other natural sites.  The log book was specifically designed to fulfill the Eco-Explorer program requirements according to the Brownie Handbook.   Topics covered include ecology--living and non-living things, habitats, food chains, soil, and weather. 

You will need to make copies of a Log Book for every scout to bring along on the field trip.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to open these copy masters.  A free version can be obtained at

Download Log Book copy masters:


Assemble the Log Book as follows:

Print out the copy masters and arrange as shown.










 Photocopy these copy masters so that the Cover&Back and 1&6 are printed on either side of one sheet of paper and 2&5 and 3&4 are printed on either side of another sheet of paper.

Arrange the papers so that pages 1&6 are facing up and then place the other paper on top with pages 3&4 facing up.


Fold the papers in half and staple.

    (Cover of finished book)

(Pages 5 and 6 in stapled book)


Familiarize yourself with the Log Book

Arrange for snacks, inclement weather, etc.

After the Field Trip:

Suggested reading:  Hey! Get Off Our Train!  by John Burningham.  This story could be done as a skit by the girls.  They can make costumes or paper plate masks to go along with the various endangered animals in the story.

Direct the girls towards additional activities they can do to help the environment and places they can visit.  Click on this link for a list of conservation activity ideas and additional resourcesWant to Help the Environment?


Books for the leader:

Dennee, JoAnne and Julia Hand. Exploring the Secrets of the  Meadow-Thicket. Montpelier, Vermont: Common Roots Press. 1994.

Lawlor, Elizabeth, P. Discover Nature Close to Home. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Stackpole Books. 1993.


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