News Letter 2000
The French Club Enjoys
a Night Out of 'the Bubble'
The evening started off with a rather eventful trip down to Philadelphia. We took the wrong exit, ended up in New Jersey, and had to double back to find the restaurant off South Street. When we finally did arrive at Marrakesh we entered a building that seemed like a home with mood lighting. Already I knew this would be unlike any other dining experience Id had-- and that was exactly why I had signed up for the trip with the French Club. Later I learned that Moroccan restaurants follow popular custom: Moroccans rarely eat out, preferring to dine at home in a comfortable atmosphere with couches and pillows like the ones we sat on. The meal was served by costumed waiters and included an endless number of courses. We ate until stuffed! We shared food from a large center platter and dined to the music of popular Moroccan players. The meal lasted for hours and the ten or so of us enjoyed the company and the flavors of fine cuisine.  No one wanted to leave but we finally rolled out of the place and found our way home with less difficulty than we had getting to Philly. This year we may go again, and I'm sure I will be one of the first in line to sign up.
                        Helen Wojciechowski, 00

At Marrakesh:  Christine Barbee 99, Megan Long 01, Helen Wojciechowski 00, 
Dr. Kathy Wixon, Samantha Kelley 01, Kim Ilardi, 01, Dr. Lisa Perfetti.
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