News Letter 2000
A Night at the Opera
A group of students from the French Club saw Georges Bizetís Carmen. We took a van to New York City, and met a lighted Lincoln Center with open arms. First performed in 1875, Carmen is a tragicomic and very accessible opera. This was a good thing, because for many of us the City Operaís performance was a first opera. Carmen is a lush tale of the dangerous passion of a gypsy factory girl, for whose favors a troupe of townsmen and officials compete. 
                          Jeff Baird í03

Les Faux Amis!

Mark Remy (Evening College) created this cartoon to remind students of the
many pitfalls of faux amis. These are French words that look as if they were
cognates and should translate directly into English, but donít. Markís professor Patricia Conrad notes that Hank might find it useful to know that:

 Quel temps fait-il? 
 is not What time is it? 
 but rather 
 What is the weather like?

 is not physician but a 
 woman physicist.

 is not a library but a 

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