News Letter 2000
    In January, ten Muhlenberg students were given the unique opportunity to travel with peers from all over the United States to the land of Israel. Israel: we were all connected to it, yet had never realized or understood that connection. One thing we all had in common was that we were Jewish. We didn’t know exactly what that meant or the role it played in our lives, but we would quickly learn.Throughout the intensive ten-day trip, we sought to discover and explored our true identities. We found comfort in a group of forty American college students while being immersed in a completely foreign, yet somehow familiar, culture. We began to soak up the richness of this Holy Land. The trip included visits to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, the Golan Heights, the Lebanese border, a Holocaust museum, and the site of Yitzak Rabin’s assassination. We were able to have many encounters and discussions with Israeli peers in school and serving in the army. There was also free time to shop, take pictures, and experience moments words cannot express. As a group, we had to find a medium between tourism and self-exploration. This incredible trip ended too soon and we found ourselves on the airplane headed back to the United States. Our homes awaited us, but this visit to our other homeland meant the beginning of a new search for understanding and communication of who we are.
                        Adam Pollack ’02 and 
                        David Rapoport ’02 
Adam is a French major, Dave is a Spanish/Biology major

Front row: Director of the National Soref Initiative Robbie Grossman, Michael Blit ‘01, Adam Pollack ‘02, Fellow with National Hillel Cori (‘Berg ’99), Lauren Bachman-Streitfield ‘02, Sam Stein ‘00, Scott Shainker ‘02. back row: Josh Swartz, ‘00 Elias Saratovsky ‘02, Jamie Gluck ‘03, 
tour guide Dalya, Dave Rapoport ‘02, Nadine Gorelick ’02 
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