News Letter 2000
Russian Studies at Home and Abroad

The Russian Club met at Professor Croskey’s home for tea.  front row:  Kim Laurino ‘03, Dana Figlock ‘03.  back row:  Bridget Daly ‘03, 
Irina Domantovsky ‘02, Dr. Luba Iskold, Galina Radzievsky ‘00, Roger Mezhibovsky ‘01, Dr. Robert Croskey.  

    My interest in Russian began when I learned of my hometown’s sister city project with a town called Borovichi. In the summer of 1994 I visited Russia with my town’s sister city group. Through this trip I learned many valuable lessons and gained lifelong friends and “family” in Russia. The Russian Studies program is one of the reasons I decided to come to Muhlenberg, although I had not originally planned to major in it. I decided to major in Russian Studies after completing several language classes. Now I am a junior, a Russian Studies and History double major, and am also pursuing certification in secondary education. 

    The Russian Studies major has provided me with an in-depth look at culture, history, and literature, which will benefit me as a high school social studies teacher. It has taught me that even though the world is diverse in cultures and beliefs, people are similar and can get along and live in harmony.  I hope to pass this understanding on to my future students. The language program here has also provided me with opportunities to do independent research that will combine my majors. The small class sizes have benefited me because I have gotten to know my professors one-on-one. Dr. Iskold has been a tremendous force in helping me to realize and pursue my goals for the future. The Russian Studies program has expanded my interests and deepened my knowledge of a society so different, yet very similar to our own.
                        Stephanie Thorpe ‘01

    The Russian Club has done many exciting things this year, going on trips and enjoying traditional Russian dinners. Our dinner nights are fun and informative. Not only do we get to know Russian foods better --they can be very tasty, we have found-- but we also watch Russians movies such as Door to Paris, Kola, and Friend of the Deceased. Last year the Russian Club took a trip to the Nicholas and Alexandra exhibition. That trip was an incredible experience for Muhlenberg students who participated; the sad history of the last Russian royal family touched everyone’s heart. This spring we are planning to take two field trips. One is to Romeo and Juliet on Ice, based on Tchaikovsky’s ballet; the other to the New Jersey State Museum to see the exhibition Unseen Treasures: Imperial Russia and the New World.
                        Galina Radzievsky ’00

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