Newsletter 2001

More Mediterranean Notes... from the Italian Section!
During the last two semesters I have been given the opportunity to be introduced to more advanced grammatical structures of the Italian language. This has been accomplished through speaking in class, reading different forms of literature and also writing several compositions. Aside from grammar and linguistic skills, the Italian Department at Muhlenberg College, encourages and enables one to also learn more about the history of Italy and the Italian culture. Throughout the year the Italian department, in and out of the classroom, has engaged in ample activities that were primarily established to enhance skills and also to enhance the awareness of the Italian-speaking world. In specific we attended what we called, dinner and a movie, a monthly activity, where we met at a student's house, prepared an exquisite Italian dinner while we discussed contemporary issues, of course, always in Italian and then watched an Italian movie. A few examples of movies that we watched are Il Giardino dei Finzi Contini and Gianni Stecchino. One film is about a more serious historical event; the Holocaust, and the other is a comedy, but I enjoyed both immensely. We also had presentations for which we researched and learned a lot about different regions in Italy, as well as Italian musicians, artists and poets. However, through it all I am compelled to add that all of what we have learned can only be attributed to our teacher Nicoletta Allinio. Her genuine love for teaching and her intelligence in the subject area is what led to our grand success!

Rosa Maria De Sarno, '04