Newsletter 2003

Foreign Language Honor Societies Welcome 2003 Initiates

On the evening of 9 February the Department's best and brightest gathered to be honored for their achievements in languages, literatures, and cultures. Professor Joe Brown organized a memorable evening with formal initiation rites, elegant desserts, and much conversation.
Ashley Kistler '00 returned to campus for this event, sharing her experiences as a graduate student in Pre-Columbian anthropology. Her slide show and talk centered on her travels in Mexico as she interviewed Chol speakers to record evidence of bilingualism and linguistic interference. Ashley encouraged students to combine their love for languages with their other personal and academic interests as they approach graduation and future endeavors.


Delta Phi Alpha
National German Honor Society

Deirdre Frey
Kristine Len
Karen McGovern (in absentia)
Rickey Ziegler, Jr.

    Dobro Slovo
National Slavic Honor Society

Zoya Feldman
Fanny Flikshtein
Stephanie Melka
Nikolay Pandoursky (in absentia)

  Phi Sigma Iota
International Foreign Language Honor Society

Jessie Bergstrom
Catina Crismale
Joslyn DeLancey
Laura Garland
Jennifer Greene
Erin Koontz
Kimberly Laurino
Rebecca Miller (in absentia)
Kristie Orlando
Mary Papiernik (in absentia)