Newsletter 2003

International Night

21 March, 2003
Baker Center for the Arts



Under the direction of Dr. Lisa Perfetti, students from language classes came together on the evening of 21 March with students of literature, music, and dance to present poetry, drama, song, and even word games in the different languages taught at the College. This year’s program featured a politically charged contemporary German poem by Anni Becker and a hilarious and original skit of a mock German class written by Professor Marita Reeder and performed by her students. French songs spanning several centuries and genres were performed by , Spanish was well represented with, among other performances, Manuel de Falla’s El paño moruno sung by Melanie Zachariades ’06, Agueda Ramírez ‘04’s dramatic reading from Spain’s Golden Age theater, and a charming narration of Neruda’s Ode to an Artichoke by first-year student Jessica Phifer. Fanny Flikshtein ’03 and Rachel Miller ’04 showed their multilingual talents as they recited French, Russian, and Spanish translations of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130. The evening closed with the words of Mallarmé’s White Water Lily provocatively blended with dance and music in a stunning performance by Jennifer Kayle’s dance students.
As Dr. Perfetti noted in her introduction, the study of languages is much more than an intellectual exercise performed in class: it is a means of “engaging thoughtfully and creatively with another culture, expanding the ways of viewing the world.” International Night offers our dedicated students the chance to truly “embody the kind of openness to other cultures and to other ideas that are so vital in times like these.”