Newsletter 2003
Dr. Kipa's Introduction
Dear Friends,

Language aficionados have noted innumerable times that language, which grows out of life, its needs and experiences, is mankind's most important invention. Moreover, they have been fascinated by the functions and magic of language, and have observed that language and knowledge are interdependent, indeed "indissolubly connected." We are aware today of the enormous diversity of the world's languages as well as of the need to study them and their history, although as a society we do not always act on our knowledge.
At Muhlenberg College, students do have the opportunity to explore new and different linguistic and cultural vistas through seven on-campus language programs, most of which can be enriched through study-abroad experiences. Our Newsletter reflects some of the experiences and activities in which our students and faculty have been involved during the past academic year. I hope they will serve as an enticement and encouragement for others to expand their study of a second language and culture beyond the basic experience of the College's language requirement. Carpe diem!

Dr. Albert Kipa
Professor Laureate & Head