Newsletter 2004
Spanish for Business: ¡Un éxito!

     Although Spanish for Business has been taught at Muhlenberg for years, this specialized language class for advanced students had a new flavor this year. In taking on this course, our energetic new colleague Professor Flor María Buitrago began by searching out the strongest and most up-to-date texts. This quest lead her to Éxito comercial by Dr. Michael Doyle. The visit began with a visit to Professor Buitrago’s class, where students were able to mine Dr. Doyle’s experience as both professor and consultant in language and cultural issues. An elegant dinner followed before students, professors, and colleagues from other LVAIC universities gathered in the Recital Hall to hear Dr. Doyle’s presentation, “The Business Language Class Within our Degree Programs: Why do we Need it and How do we do it?” What could have been a dry lecture of interest only to teachers was instead a compelling argument in favor of an entire sequence of courses preparing students to develop and use their bilingual skills in their professional dealings. Dr. Doyle is a dynamic presenter whose passions soon left the crowd in the Recital Hall captivated and unwilling to leave without a question, comment, or word of praise. This visit, only one of several lectures and visits incorporated within the course, provides a snapshot of the “big picture” thinking that makes Spanish for Business fresh and in high demand.