Newsletter 2004
Le Cercle Français

The French Club came to life with a successful first-time crêpe sales for Mardi Gras on February 24th and 25th. Students in the club prepared home-made crêpes for the 2-day sale and offered scrumptious toppings --Nutella, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry preserves-- for everyone to enjoy. Many French students were involved in the organization, preparation, and selling of these crêpes, and enough money was made to help supplement a planned trip to Philadelphia to see Les Misérables in March. The French Club hopes to make the crêpe sales an annual fundraising event on campus in conjunction with Mardi Gras. French Club members have also been actively involved in a weekly table française, a discussion table in French every Monday evening in the Garden Room. Students enjoy the chance to get to know other students in French and those interested in learning French, while sharing a meal together and speaking French with one another. French Club students have also benefited from local Francophone culture, planning group trips to the 19th Street Theater to see French movies. The club most recently saw Barbarian Invasions together, a Canadian movie which won an Oscar for best foreign film. Plans are in the works to take another trip to Philadelphia to visit a traveling Manet exhibit, Manet et la mer, and have dinner in a French restaurant in the city. Students have also begun working on a new project with local elementary schools, hoping to establish a program for French Club members to volunteer with French teachers in their classes.

--Eileen Ketchum