Newsletter 2004
Good Luck, Colega... We Miss You Already!

We should have known from the constant sounds of Andean music and boxes he kept in his office... Dr. James Park --Jimmy-- will be leaving Muhlenberg this summer to pursue new adventures in his native Chile.

This has been a year of many changes for Dr. Park, and he would like to say that as he departs Muhlenberg College at the end of this academic year, he takes with him wonderful memories and, hopefully, lasting friendships. He promises that he will never forget his time here, with friends, colleagues, students, and their families. He hopes that you will visit him if you are ever in southern regions of Chile. In Chile Dr. Park will continue his work, more closely, with the indigenous writers of the region. He also plans to further develop other long-standing interests and activities, such as environmental conservation efforts and organizing around issues of human rights and social justice.

The inverted map of the world in his Jimmy’s office serves as a symbol of his approach to teaching and research: in questioning the status quo and proposing alternate readings of “facts,” he challenged students to do the same.

Muhlenberg will miss Jimmy: his familiar smile, his color-coded ponytail, his ever-present coffee...
We wish you well!