Newsletter 2004
Postcards from Monterrey
Kate is in love with Mexico!
   I have fallen in love! I love Mexico; I love food from street vendors; I love how things run here (in a funny sort of way); I love the sun here. The sun is really hot but because Monterrey is surrounded by mountains there is always a nice breeze. I have fallen in love with this whole experience. I may have even reverted back to the honeymoon phase of culture shock.
     The last weekend in February, three friends and I went to San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. In Guanajuato the buildings are built up very high because there used to be floods in the valley the city is in. There are flowers on balconies, and very old bridges and theaters, perfect for exploring. We went to the famous Callejón del Beso. The street narrows to the point where the balconies on either side become very close. The story goes that there was a girl that lived on one side of the street and a boy on the other. They fell in love and leaned over their balconies to kiss goodnight every night. The girl’s dad caught her kissing this boy one night, and because the boy was from a rival family, the dad killed his daughter… I think if he had to kill anyone it should have been the boy. Anyway, if you kiss someone on this famous balcony, you will have good luck, or love, or friendship for ten years.
El Callejón del Beso
     Classes are going well. They are interesting. For Importing and Exporting class, we had to go to a company and learn about any procedures they might have to go through to import or export their product. My group chose the Cervecería Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma. Here, they make Carta Blanca, Sol, Superior, XX Lager and light, Bohemia, Indio, Tecate, and Tecate light. We got a tour and they showed these huge tanks with them heating the grain and water. The Cervecería is owned by FEMSA Corporation. Two weeks ago I met the president of FEMSA by accident. I was working with one of my groups at the tables outside by the library and a group of men in suits walked by. There was a guy taking their picture and I wanted him to take my picture so I decided to talk to them. I called out to them and asked them why they were dressed up. We all told them where we were from and they left before we could get information about them… perhaps this is one of the 48 laws of power! When they left my friends told me that one of the mean was the president of FEMSA!
     Well, those were the highlights from the past three weeks. I think everyone should make Mexico their next trip because it’s such a beautiful, though chaotic, country.