Newsletter 2005
A Letter from Buenos Aires
I love it here! The city is beautiful and rather inexpensive, and this past weekend --Semana Santa-- I visited Mar del Plata which was absolutely fantastic. The language and pronunciation is really interesting here as well- I’ve fallen into the "vos" form, finally, and the accent where "ll" becomes "j". I think it’s quite beautiful.
Maura contemplates Jorge Luis Borges, an icon for students of literature and visitors to his hometown of Buenos Aires.
My classes haven’t really, truly begun yet, so as far as classroom learning, I haven’t much of an impression yet. There is so much to learn outside, however-- I feel like I’ve already picked up on some of this society’s issues, like the racism, treatment of women, and body image. I could write for pages on my experiences already with those topics.
¡Suerte, y nos hablamos pronto!
--Maura Lynch, ‘06