Newsletter 2006
The Year of Languages Symposium
November is a busy month for the Department, but never has it been as animated as it was this past fall when we hosted a symposium to mark the Year of the Languages. The day-long event featured student presentations of papers drawing on a range of languages, disciplines and approaches. Student participants came from Muhlenberg and other LVAIC colleges as well. Following the Symposium, student presenters and language professors from participating colleges gathered for a celebratory dinner. The day concluded with a hard-hitting talk by Dr. Terry Osborn on the changing needs for language study and shifting roles of language departments.

During our Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition class, Professor Buitrago suggested that I present a paper. I was initially reluctant to participate in this symposium because it seemed like a difficult task and I was not sure if I was up to the challenge. However, it has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of the year. As I researched for my paper, “Los desaparecidos en Argentina,” I learned a lot about Argentina’s Dirty War and the impact it has had on our world today. The research skills, writing experience, and editing practice helped me to improve the quality of my work that followed, particularly in Spanish. My participation in this symposium has also inspired me to go further: I now plan to spend a semester studying in Argentina. I am exited about my semester and grateful for this opportunity. --Anna Petrie, ‘08

Student presenters at the Symposium are joined by guest speaker Dr. Terry Osborn and Department Chair Dr. Joan Marx