Newsletter 2006

Facing a New Challenge
If someone were to have told me in high school that I would be a Spanish major, I would never have believed them. Here I am now, though, declaring. Whenever I tell people that I am studying Spanish I am always asked if I am studying business as well or if I plan to be a Spanish teacher. I tell them that Im not particularly interested in either of those areas. Someone will undoubtedly say then, Well what are you going to do? Honestly, I do not know, and as nave as it may sound, I am not very worried about that. Ive made this decision for many reasons, career possibilities being one of the reasons of lesser importance. My one main reason for choosing this major is quite personal: although Spanish has remained my favorite subject through the years it has also been my most challenging subject. To me, this major represents a goal towards which I can work. Mastering Spanish will represent, in my eyes, not only an educational accomplishment, but a personal accomplishment in overcoming my doubts and fears that I have about myself. I know this major will be difficult for me, but I know it will be worth it all!
--Danielle Losonci 09