Newsletter 2006
Students Abroad -- As Researchers!
German Studies minor Kyle L. Miller, ’08 and Spanish major Drew F. Krumholz, ’08 presented their joint paper, “Social Banditry, Guerrillas and Liberation Theology: Contending Paths of Interest Articulation in Central America,” at the Annual Conference of the Middle Atlantic Council on Latin American Studies. Their presentation grew out of a shared curiosity about Central American gang activity and was based on a project they completed for their fall 2005 independent study class, Guerillas and Liberation Theology, with Political Science professor Dr. Patricia McRae. With funding from the Office of the Dean for Academic Life, the students abandoned a chilly mid-March Pennsylvania and traveled with Professors Anna Adams, Joan Marx, and Mirna Trauger to Ponce, Puerto Rico for the MACLAS conference. We congratulate our students, their professors, and Dean Carol Shiner Wilson for helping make Muhlenberg shine in a tropic setting!