Form and Analysis

Course Description:
Form and Analysis is the study of the design and tonal structure of music; it describes how music unfolds over time.  As a continuation of your study of music theory, this course draws extensively on your knowledge of the melodic and harmonic gestures that articulate the architecture of the music.

Course Objectives:
You will learn to listen to long-range musical events and to write descriptive analyses.  We will begin with readings on analysis, discussion of listening techniques, and construction of methodologies for analysis and writing about music.  We will review phrase structures and progress to larger forms.  We will briefly discuss Schenkerian analysis.  Finally, we will conclude the semester with the presentation of your semester projects.  

Get ready, get set...
By reading about, listening to, and discussing music, we will learn what the traditional forms are and how they contribute to musical meaning.  I invite you to approach each piece of music with an open mind.  Once you have performed your analysis, you must ask yourself what your analysis reveals about the music.  Analysis demands interpretation!

Form and Analysis Coursepack
Musical Scores:
Bach - Six Brandenburg Concertos
Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier
Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1
Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2
Brahms Complete Concerti in Full Score
Mozart Piano Concertos No. 20 & 21
Mozart Requiem
Mozart Symphonies No. 40 & 41
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6

This course utilizes the Blackboard course management system.  Course documents are available to Muhlenberg students only and can be accessed here.