LOC-R: Research Participation Form - Fill out the information & see instructions below.

For each study you participate in, you must complete this form and turn it in to your professor. You will not receive credit for studies you participate in without submitting this form. Type your responses in the fields below, click on "Continue." You can then print, and/or save the resulting webpage (check with your professor for details on how he or she would like you to turn in your LOC-R information.) Remember: if you do not wish to participate in research studies, you may complete all or part of your LOC-R credit with the alternative, described on the LOC homepage (Option #2).

Your name:   

Your Intro (or other) psychology professor's name:   

Title of the Study:   

Date you participated:      What time did the study start? 

Research credit awarded:

Provide brief answers to the following 3 questions. You will not receive credit if you do not answer the questions.

1. Describe what you did in the study.


2. Explain what the goals of the study were according to the researchers (check with the researcher and/or refer to the debriefing you were given after the study).


3. Link your experience to your psychology course. For example, what type of psychologist might be interested in this topic of research? What topics in your psychology class related to what was studied? Alternatively, discuss how the study clarified and provided an example of a particular type of research methodology.



Please note: clicking above does not save your information or send it anywhere. As such, you may want to save a copy of the next page for your records.