LOC-P: Presentation Form - Fill out the information & see instructions below.

In order to receive credit for the presentation you attended, you must complete this form and turn it in to your professor. You will not receive credit without submitting this form. Type your responses in the fields below, click on "Continue." You can then print, and/or save the resulting webpage (check with your professor for details on how he or she would like you to turn in your LOC-P information.)  *Note: this form is for presentations you attend, not studies you participate in. Use the LOC-Research form to get credit for participating in a research study.

Your name: 

Your Intro (or other) psychology professor's name:  

Title (or Topic) of the Presentation: 

Name of Speaker or Sponsoring Organization:  

Date of event:     What time did the event start? 

Provide brief answers to the following prompts.

1. Provide a brief summary of the presentation. Provide enough detail so that your professor knows you were actually there, and so that your professor can understand your response to the next question.


2. Discuss how the presentation links to psychology. The presentation may provide information that adds to what you learned in class, or what you learned may help you understand the presentation differently/better.


3.  Discuss one idea from the presentation that was especially interesting to you.


4.  Curious and engaged students are usually left with interesting questions to explore after a presentation. Discuss one interesting question that you have about the topic .



Please note: clicking above does not save your information or send it anywhere. As such, you may want to save a copy of the next page for your records.