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Creating a Psychology Research Poster

There are two primary purposes for a poster session.  1) A person can quickly see a large number of research findings; and, 2) a person has immediate access to the authors of the research and can ask questions. Information about a typical, empirical poster is described below. In addition to your actual poster, you probably should also prepare the following:

Your Poster

One way of creating the physical poster is to have a single sheet of large paper with your poster printed on it. Some colleges have that kind of printing capability, some don't. The Muhlenberg Psychology Department does not have such a printer available yet. The alternative is to print your poster on multiple sheets of regular paper, and use a professionally attractive backing of colored paper.

Read the instructions for the poster session very carefully to determine whether you should mount those papers on a foam board/poster board OR whether you will be provided with bulletin boards and allowed to pin your papers directly to the board. If the instructions don't provide this information, it is best to ask the conference organizer.

There are several good examples of how to construct your posters in the basement of Moyer Hall.  In general, note the following:


What to wear & What to do.

Don't forget.

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