National Honor Society, Muhlenberg College

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology.  Membership in Psi Chi denotes overall academic excellence, a dedication to psychological study, and high standards of personal behavior. Psychology majors or minors who meet the requirements for membership are tapped for induction in the fall and spring of each academic year. Eligibility requirements include: overall GPA of 3.5, psychology GPA of 3.5, declared Psychology major, top 35% of class, and at least 3 psychology courses (1 of the 3 may be a transfer course). If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Psi Chi advisor, Kathy Harring, at, or visit the national Psi Chi website.

2008-2009 Officers

President - Sarah Goldberg
Vice President - Adam Hirsh
Secretary - Kaitlin Merritt
Treasurer - Rachel Leavitt
Librarian - Lauren Bernstein

Want to get involved?

Being a psychology major is about more than what goes on in the classroom! It is important for psychology majors considering graduate school to get some research experience outside of the classroom. Consider helping out with Psi Chi, the Psychology Club (see Dr. Bips), or doing community service .  Also consider doing research! As a psychology major, you have lots of opportunities to do research. Click here to learn more general information about research in the department, research apprenticeships, the honors program and independent studies. Members of Psi Chi in particular should consider working on the requirements for Honors in Psychology.

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