Method & Results for One-Way Experiment Lab

Write a method and results section for the lab activity.  Follow the APA style and content guidelines we have been learning this semester and use the same instructions you are using for your group project paper:  posted here.  In  the method section, the surveys and the manipulation of the information written on the surveys goes in the "materials" section.  Also, be sure (since this was an experiment) to use the vocabulary: independent and dependent variable.  See below for hints/tips on reporting ANOVA data.

Tips on Reporting ANOVA DATA

In a result section for ANOVA data, you first want to report the descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation) for overall responses, regardless of condition.

E.g. "Across all conditions the average amount participant's believed should be spent on textbooks was close to the anticipated control value (M = $180.45, SD = .68)."

Then report that you ran an analysis of variance to test your hypothesis (write "analysis of variance" out first, and put "ANOVA" in parentheses; from that point forward you can just use "ANOVA") . In this case you ran, more specifically, a one-way analysis of variance.

Then report the results of the test.

Reporting the results of an ANOVA
You need to report the F, the degrees of freedom associated with the test, and the significance level. Put the degrees of freedom in parentheses after the F.

About degrees of freedom: There are two different degrees of freedom values associated with an F test. One is a result of estimating between-subject variance (variance in scores from one condition to the next) and will always be number of conditions minus 1. So, in this case, it is 3 conditions minus 1 = 2. The other degrees of freedom number is a result of estimating within-subject variance (variance in scores across all the different participants). It is always the number of participants (or observations) minus the number of conditions.

So, to report the statistic you would report F(dfbetween, dfwithin) = x.xx, then put the appropriate indication of significance level (p = .xx or n.s....). Note that p and F are italicized.

You also need to explain the results in words (that is, you need to say what direction the finding took i.e., you need to refer to the means). For this exercise, type words into your paragraph and refer to a Table for the actual means. Download this page for an example of a table for means (PDF; see tables 2 and 3 - you will be doing a simpiler version of those examples).  Use MS Word to create your table:  "Table"/"Insert"...   Then you can use "Format"/"Borders & Shading" to get the gridlines right.