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Learning Outside the Classroom (LOC)

Students taking Introductory Psychology (PSY 101) at Muhlenberg College have, in addition to their regular coursework, "Learning Outside the Classroom" requirements.

LOC-Presentation Form   LOC-Research Form


LOC -Presentation

All students must attend at least one campus or public presentation during the semester and turn in the LOC-Presentation form, which asks students to reflect on the topic of the presentation from a psychological perspective. The department encourages you to try to attend several presentations during the semester in order to get involved with the intellectual life of the college community and in order to have a few options when choosing the presentation for your LOC-P requirement. Presentations can be Psychology Research Day presentations, job talks in the psychology department, lectures, or facilitated discussions. Campus events are announced in a variety of places around campus such as the college intranet board, the college cultural events calendar, and on flyers throughout Moyer Hall and Seegers Union. Although the presentation does not have to be directly related to psychology, you should be able to find a fairly direct link between the topic of the presentation and something you have or will be learning about in your psychology class. After attending the event, fill out the LOC-P form linked here.  Check with your professor to see what his or her preferences are with respect to how and when you turn in your LOC-P form.



Students must also complete 2 "hours" toward the LOC - Research requirement. Students may do either of the options described below (or a combination of both) to complete this 2-hour requirement. You should consult with your professor about how and when to submit your LOC-R forms and/or your article critiques. Note, however, that all LOC-Research work for every PSY 101 class is to be completed and turned in no later than 2 weeks before the last day of classes.


Option #1

Students may participate as subjects in on-going psychological experiments. These experiments are conducted by faculty and advanced psychology students, and your participation - even after you begin a study- is voluntary. Sign-up sheets for these studies are posted on the bulletin board outside of the Psychology Office in Moyer 227. You should check for new sign-up sheets throughout the semester, but the majority of sign-up slots are available half-way and/or two-thirds of the way into each semester. Each experiment is assigned a  time value (that is, and "LOC credit" value) of 20, 40, 60 or more minutes. After participating in a study, be sure to keep the debriefing sheet you are given or take notes on the information the experimenter tells you at the completion of the study. Then fill out the LOC-R form linked here. You must fill out a form for every study, and you will not receive credit toward your PSY 101 class unless you turn in a LOC-R form for each study.


Option #2

Students who do not wish to participate in experiments or are unable to find experiments with sign-up times that match their schedules, may complete and alternative LOC-Research requirement. The alternative assignment involves reading articles about famous psychological studies, and producing 2 page (typed, double-spaced) summaries and critical reflections on the studies. The articles you can choose from are in a book called 40 Studies that Changed Psychology. This book is on permanent reserve in Trexler Library, listed for the Psychology Department and/or Introductory Psychology - all sections. The credit value for each article is 40 minutes, because it is estimated that it will take you 40 minutes to read and produce at least a first draft of a summary/critique. If your professor is using the 40 Studies reader as part of your course, then you must choose articles that are not already assigned to you


LOC-Presentation Form   LOC-Research Form

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