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Text: Methods in Behavioral Research 7th Edition by P.C.Cosby

January 17 Introduction Ch. 1
January 22 How to: Use Theory, get an idea,find out what has been done Ch. 2
January 22 LAB: a) research proposal   b) APA style Appendix A
January 24 Nonexperimental Methods
LAB: term project planning
Ch. 6 & 7
January 29 Cognitive Class Presentations
LAB: Experiment 1 Planning
January 31 Variables and Measurement
LAB: Exp. 1 Data Collection
Ch. 4 & 5
February 5 Basic Experimental Design
LAB: Exp. 1 Data Analysis
Ch. 8
February 7 Design Continued
Experiment 1 Paper Due
Ethics Proposals
Ch. 10
February 12 Design Continued
LAB: Term Project Research Proposals
February 14 Term Project Proposal Presentations  
February 19 Perception Class Presentations
LAB: Experiment 2 Planning
Introduction outline and bibliography due
February 21 Issues in Conducting experiments
LAB: Exp. 2 Data Collection
Ch. 9
February 26 Quasi-experimental designs
LAB: Exp. 2 Data Analysis
Ch. 11
February 28 Generalizing Results
LAB: Term Projects: Ethics proposals
Experiment 2 papers due
Ch. 14
March 12 Memory Class presentations
LAB: Experiment 3 planning
Introduction and Methods sections due
March 14 Methods Worksheets (practice for mid-term)
LAB: Exper. 3 data collection
March 19 Review for Midterm
LAB: Exper. 3 data analysis
March 21 Mid-Term Exam Study Guide
for Mid-Term Exam
March 26 Mental Chronometry
LAB: Term projects
Experiment 3 papers due
March 28 Psychophysics
LAB: Experiment 4 Planning
April 2 Memory Psychophysics continued
LAB: Exper. 4 data collection
April 4 Statistical issues
LAB: Exper. 4 data analysis
ch. 12 & 13
April 9 Statistics continued
LAB: Term projects
Experiment 4 papers due
April 11 Research Ethics
LAB: term projects
Ch. 3
April 18 Ethics continued
LAB: term projects
April 23 Interpreting results
LAB: Term projects
April 25 The relationship between designs, statistics, and interpretation
LAB: Term projects
April 25 Rough Drafts due  
April 30 Review for final
LAB: Term Projects presentation preparation
May 2 Class presentations  
May 7 Final Paper due  
May 10 The final exam is scheduled for Thursday, May 10 at 1:30 PM  

Grading: The first three small experiments are worth 20 points each; the fourth is worth 10 points. Each of three class presentations (an article, your proposal, and your final project) is worth 10 points and class participation is worth 10 points. The mid-term is worth 100 points and the final is worth 80 points. The term paper is worth 100 points. There are a total of 390 points in the class. The course grade is based on your total percentage of points. You may earn extra-credit by participating in approved experiments (3 points each for up to 9 points).

Late Papers: Late papers lose 5 points per day (including weekends).

Papers: Although all projects are done in groups, ALL papers (and all parts of the papers) are written individually (even though you do the data analysis together, you make your own tables). You may NOT share any part of the paper with other group members. This is a "W" course and I must be able to evaluate your individual writing ability.

Each of the four lab papers will emphasize a different part of learning to write in APA style.

Experiment 1 write up contains: a clear statement of the hypothesis, METHODS, RESULTS, and a brief conclusion. This project will use a survey or observational design.

Experiment 2 write up contains: Brief INTRODUCTION, methods, results, brief discussion, REFERENCE PAGE. This will be a between-subjects design.

Experiment 3 write up contains: Longer introduction, methods, results, DISCUSSION, reference page. This will be a within-subjects design.

Experiment 4 write up contains: 50 word abstract, 100 word abstract - no other sections.

Attendance: Since MOST of this class is done in lab attendance is mandatory. You MUST take part in the planning and running of each experiment - it is NOT acceptable to "just get the data from someone".

Exams: You will have the full 2 and 1/2 hours to complete the midterm. If you have a documented learning disability and need extra time please make arrangements in advance. No special considerations will be arranged on the day of the exam.


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