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Sensation and Perception
Study Guide for Exam 2

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Study Guide for Exam 2

  1. Define: accommodation, astigmatism, presbyopia, cataract, photopigment, visual angle, myopia, luminance, Whytt's reflex, hyperopia, Ricco's law, Bloch's law

  2. Know all the parts of the eye and the function of each part.

  3. What is the duplex retina theory of vision?

  4. Be able to describe and explain the function of all of the differences between the photopic and scotopic visual systems.

  5. What factors are important in determining acuity? (see #4)

  6. Explain carefully what happens at the optic chiasm and how that is related to retinotopic mapping.

  7. What are the five layers of cells in the retina? How are they connected and what phenomena can be explained at this level?

  8. What are the three physical and psychological variables of color?

  9. What does the double-cone color solid tell us about color perception?

  10. What are Grassman's Laws of color perception?

  11. What is the difference between additive and subtractive color mixture?

  12. What are the facts that a theory of color vision must explain?

  13. Describe the different types of color blindness.

  14. Explain in detail the Hurvich and Jameson Balance theory of color vision. How is Hurvich and Jameson's theory related to earlier theories?

  15. Define: achromatic colors, metamers, spectral sensitivity, opponent process theory, subjective colors, and memory color, complementary colors.

  16. Be able to explain color constancy. what two factors influence color constancy and HOW do they infleunce it? Briefly what is the function of color constancy?

  17. Carefully describe the two ascending visual pathways and what happens at each point along the pathway.

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