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Moyer Hall Facilities

Completing the academic circle around Muhlenberg College, Moyer Hall features state-of-the-art classrooms and lab spaces, plus an office suite/student study area that makes it easy to continue the department's long tradition of close working relationships among faculty and students. The building, shared with the Education, Philosophy, and Religion Departments, includes twelve classrooms. The departments share most of the classrooms, but one is dedicated exclusively to psychology. That classroom (shown) includes four adjacent rooms each with four computers, permitting close student-faculty interaction during methods, statistics and advanced lab courses.

The entire basement of Moyer Hall is dedicated research space for psychology. There are several rooms for small group experiments, and 10 cubicles to run individual participants. Most lab rooms are equipped with computers. We also have dedicated interview and data analysis rooms for conducting qualitative research. The Science Building houses our animal behavior lab, including Skinner boxes/operant chambers, and mazes.

The eastern half of the second floor of Moyer is devoted to Psychology Department faculty offices. Because the offices are near the second floor Student Lounge and student workstations will be clustered around them, informal interactions (and often deep relationships) among faculty and students continue to be commonplace.

Technological Resources

As mentioned above, there are ample computers in the lab spaces, and 16 computers in the basement classroom. In addition, there is a computer classroom on the third floor of Moyer Hall with 32 terminals that integrate computers into the teaching/learning process. All 12 of the regular classrooms in the building include "tech walls" which project computer images and video images. And three computer workstations are just outside psychology faculty offices, to facilitate interaction among faculty and students. Students can also work in 4 other general purpose academic labs on campus, plus 10 residence hall labs, a special services lab, and other special purpose labs on campus. In addition, there are an increasing number of wireless networks available in the library and common areas around campus. All major residence hall rooms are wired for access to the internet and campus network for students who want to bring their own computers. Muhlenberg computing provides a student helpline for students who need assistance with computers or software.

To analyze data, the Muhlenberg Psychology Department primarily uses SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), available on the campus network. We also have several computer programs designed to assist with data collection, including reaction time software (DirectRT), and computer-based survey administration (MediaLab). We also own several "Biopacs" which include equipment and software designed to collect psychophysiological measures such as heart rate, respiration and galvanic skin response. Our students also conduct surveys administered via the world wide web.

Students also have access to Trexler Library, including its online journals and online databases (e.g., PsycINFO). The librarians often set up a special Psychology Resources page to help students learn about library- and web-based resources. In addition, many psychology professors post course syllabi, lecture outlines, and assignments online.

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