Embrace the Unknown and Learn

Artist: Carl Bandy (www.carlbandy.com)

"West of Green River, Utah is this large Fremont petroglyph depicting a shaman possibly responding to an astronomical event such as the great supernova of 1054 A.D.  in that year, a star exploded resulting in what is now called the Crab Nebula.  The exploding star was visible to the naked eye on July 5, 1054, and was recorded by people all over the world.  In the American southwest, there are many petroglyphs and pictographs referring to the event.  To people of the day, it must have been a very frightening and significant thing.  The people appealed to their spiritual leaders for protection and understanding.  The open arms of the shaman indicate being open to this special thing.  The snake  above his head symbolizes the use of snakes in communicating with and  prayers to the spirits for protection.  The circle may depict the event itself and the comets may further symbolize the power and mystery of the heavens.  Thus, a possible interpretation of this image is to embrace or be open to things we don't understand--to the unknown.  In so doing, we gain knowledge and understanding, dispelling our fears along the way."

Image and description courtesy of Carl Bandy


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