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Professor Jeff Rudski
Moyer Hall - Room 223
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA 18104
Fax: 484.664.5627



Jeff Rudski, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(D.E.C., Vanier College, B.Sc., McGill University, Ph.D., University of Minnesota)

Dr. Rudski teaches Biological Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Learning & Behavior, Advanced Lab in Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, and the Psychology of Superstition.

When I was a First Year student, my Intro to Psych teacher began the first lecture talking about the placebo effect. If you can convince a person that an inert substance can block pain, it can effectively function as an analgesic in approximately 30% of people. He then continued the lecture, teaching that this effect of "mind over matter" can be blocked by administration of a drug called naloxone, an agent which inhibits your brain's natural opiate system.

g Thinking

Dr. Jeff Rudski's students are rethinking the boundaries of the classroom in his First Year Seminar titled "Rethinking Thinking"

It struck me that psychological effects had neural bases. I was hooked, and have spent my career examining these interactions. I have also become interested in factors that lead people to accept beliefs that are often thought of as being "superstitious". Recently, I have also developed a strong interest in developmental disabilities both from the advocacy side as well as how people come to believe various causes and treatments of various disorders.

What I enjoy about working at Muhlenberg is the enthusiasm many students bring to applying what they learn in their classes to the rest of their college experience. I have found that students want to engage in independent research, and one of Muhlenberg's strengths is our ability to provide such opportunities.

Research Interests

Behavioral Pharmacology, Behavioral Economics, Human Superstition, the Illusion of Control, and Hypnosis.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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