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Orientation Reading Assignment

Please read “In Defense of Distraction,” written by Sam Anderson, the book reviewer and an occasional essayist for New York Magazine, where this essay first appeared. Anderson is known for his “imitative reviews,” which copy the style of his subjects.  

A careful reading of the essay reveals that Anderson is both defending and attacking the culture of distraction in which we all now live.

Rather than take a stand on the issues (don’t agree or disagree), write a paragraph or two, typed and double-spaced, on a sentence or short passage that you think best reveals Anderson’s way of thinking on the subject. Be sure to talk about key language from the quotation, explaining why it means what you say it means.  Be prepared to discuss this reading during orientation weekend, and be prepared to hand-in your writing at this time, as well.

Direct link to the reading: http://nymag.com/news/features/56793/