Facts About Trexler Library


Trexler Library was built in 1988 with an emphasis on future needs and uses. Named after Harry C. Trexler (1854-1933), a local philanthropist and industrialist, the three story building supports both individual and group study needs. Open areas are used for a wide variety of programs, discussions, and speakers throughout the year. The innovative Information Commons provides space for information literacy instruction as well as training on new technologies. The Writing and Information Consultation Center makes it possible for students to tap into the expertise of librarians and Writing Center tutors to develop their course research. Trexler Library also provides space for a Polling Center, a Curriculum Lab, and a media viewing room. With over 310,000 volumes and 29,000 print and electronic journals, the library serves Muhlenberg students, faculty, and staff and reaches out to the greater community through a variety of programs and lending agreements. The library is open approximately 105 hours per week with extended hours during exams.

Special Collections and Government Documents

Trexler Library is a designated “We the People” library due to its Special Collections features. Collections include: The Pennsylvania German Collection, The Muhlenberg College Collection, The Abram Samuels Sheet Music Collection, The Ray R. Brennen Map Collection, Paul McHale Congressional Papers, Robert C. Horn Papyri Collection, the Muhlenberg Digital Repository, and the Sam Stovall Collection. The library is also a designated Federal Depository and receives 30% of all documents published by the Federal Government.

Selected Artwork

  • Text on lintel above entrance reads “book” in Greek and Hebrew, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs for “writing”
  • “Tree of Knowledge” bas-relief sculpture outside library entrance by artist William Severson
  • Pennsylvania quilts on display above the reading terraces, from the Mennonite World Relief Auction
  • Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg sculpture given to the college by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
  • Several pieces are displayed through the library on loan from the Martin Art Gallery

Architects, Contractor, and Furnishing

  • Geddes, Brecher, Qualls, and Cunningham of Philadelphia, Architects
  • Alvin H. Butz, Inc., Contractor
  • All woodwork furnishings are by Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers of Auburn, Maine

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